IM pricing options

IM pricing guide

Intermodal Manager is a subscription service, you only pay for what you actually use in any given month.

Yard Management

For Yard Management, we charge per box handled by the system in the charging period. So if a container is in the yard at the start of a month and remains in the yard till the 28th, then that counts as one transaction. If the box is still there on the 2nd of the next month then that counts as another transaction and will be charged for in the following months fees. A box that comes in and goes out on the same day would count as a single transaction, and if the box comes back later in the same month, then that would count as two transactions.

M&R / Conversions

In the case of the Maintenance & Repair and Conversions modules, fees are similarly charged on actual work conducted on site. If an inspection turns into a M&R job, then fees are calculated based on the number of jobs processed through the system. As with Yard management, a sliding scale of fees are charged based on the number of transactions in any given month.


With our Sales module a fee is charged per job, each of which can contain up to one container plus associated parts and sundry items, including transport. A sliding scale applies so that the more boxes you sell in the month, the lower the fee per box.