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Net zero?

When looking to improve green credentials at a terminal your thoughts might initially turn to tangibles such as fuel usage, but in choosing wisely with your Terminal Operating system you’ll find that you make environmental (and cost) savings at the operational level – not just in the realm of IT. Here are some thoughts about how Intermodal Manager can help - click on an item to find out more.

Older systems may require significant amounts of IT infrastructure in order to operate, with servers at each location with attendant power, maintenance and support costs. Systems such as Intermodal Manager use web technology to centralise your data off-site, reducing the amount of local hardware required to support the system and so lowering the energy requirements. Of course this brings other benefits too – multiple locations can share common data whilst keeping their own information to themselves, and Management Information can easily bring analysis across the whole piece.

Be cautious of offerings to simply “put your system in the cloud” though – it may be that the cloud-hosting infrastructure has a higher environmental cost than your existing solution, or at least is difficult to measure. Intermodal Manager is hosted at a data centre that uses 100% renewable energy so you can be sure that this is one item that won’t affect your environmental bottom line.

Artificial Intelligence is somewhat flavour-of-the-month at the moment but for good reason. By applying Machine Learning to your data, environmental (and cost) efficiencies can be found across the operation.

We are applying our Machine Learning expertise to develop a variety of AI solutions for Intermodal Manager.

Many organisations have a whole range of disparate systems performing separate functions across the business. When the systems need to talk to each other yet more layers of tech hardware and software are needed to join them together. Each of these systems and interfaces carries an environmental (and power, maintenance etc) cost. Intermodal Manager integrates multiple modules (Yard, Sales, Maintenance and Repair, Vehicle Booking System etc etc) into a single package. This can significantly reduce the environmental (and other) costs.

Desktop PCs and laptops take a lot more power to run than mobile devices. Older software systems tend to rely on Windows PCs to do their work, whereas web-based systems such as Intermodal Manager will run on any device with a modern web browser, such as a phone or an Android tablet. This brings another way to reduce power usage (along we less network infrastructure if the mobile devices connect using mobile data). Of course it also brings much more mobility and flexibility to your teams whilst still giving the option to use desktop PCs for more complex tasks.

Queues of vehicles in and around your terminal don’t just contribute to global warming but also to pollution levels in the locality. Introducing a Vehicle Booking System (VBS) can help to regulate traffic levels and eliminate queues - reducing pollution, fuel usage and frustration for hauliers and staff. Using a TOS with an integrated VBS such as Intermodal Manager enables you to seamlessly manage vehicle bookings alongside your other yard and container management operations.

Tracking devices are now wide-spread across the sector – not just available for containers but also fitted inside your vehicles reporting on location, fuel usage, tyre wear and so on. This data really comes to life when integrated into your TOS in order to report on journey efficiency, queuing issues and so-on.

Intermodal Manager has powerful integration capabilities, which can hook up to vehicle data trackers, or the data capture device of your choice. Custom dashboards enable the integrated data to be presented to your teams or customers in real time.

The sector is changing very rapidly and your Terminal Operating System needs to be able to adapt and change with it, and also accommodate your own bespoke needs. Intermodal Manager is built on the latest technologies which allow rapid development and innovation.

As a UK-based software company we aim to build lasting partnerships with our clients rather than go for the quick sale. We’re always happy to talk – please drop us a line