Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair Module

Our Maintenance & Repair Module was built with the latest 'Blazor' cross platform technology.

Every aspect of a container's journey through your M&R facility is handled by our module. Take photos of damage, capture repair estimates and record work done all from within our module.

Mobile Inspections

Our M&R module has been designed to run on any web-enabled device; from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops.

In particular, our M&R Survey and Estimating functionality has been optimised to run on tablet devices so repair staff can use it out in the yard.

Intuitive Estimating

Pick damage areas, take photos and build a survey in real time.

Intelligent filtering of industry standard CEDEX codes offers you repair options suited to the area and damage you selected.

Surveys turn into Estimates at the click of a button and can be sent to your customers right away.

Customer Integration

Completed Estimates can be sent to your customers as soon as they're ready, either by email or industry standard EDIFACT EDI messaging.

Customers can approve your estimates online or via EDI. Once approved they become M&R jobs which you can track and update as they're progressed.

M&R workflow includes Quality Control, ensuring your customers are always kept happy.

The video below gives an overview the Intermodal Manager Maintenance and Repair module (best viewed full-screen)