Industry standard EDI

Industry standard EDI messaging

Send to and receive from shipping lines, and other customers, standard EDIFACT messages.

Intermodal Manager is able to send and receive standard EDIFACT EDI messages of various types. Every day we create and process hundreds of messages for shipping lines around the world. We provide comprehensive monitoring of message generation, transmission and inbound processing - this enables us to provide highly responsive support in this complex area of industry integration.

Gate messages

Intermodal Manager can create standard EDIFACT CODECO messages when assets are gated in or out of your yard. These can be configured precisely to match your customers' requirements and can be sent to them either by ftp or email.

Accept / release messages

We can ingest standard EDIFACT COPARN messages from shipping lines to create, amend or delete acceptance and release bookings, saving you time and reducing human error.

M&R messages

Intermodal Manager can create standard EDIFACT DESTIM or WESTIM messages to send M&R estimates to shipping lines. We can also ingest APERAK acknowledgement messages as well as estimate updates. We work closely with partners within the shipping lines to ensure our messaging is compatible with their various systems.