Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management is central to everything that happens in Intermodal Manager.

To us, anything that can be moved is an Asset, so that includes Containers, Reefers, Tanks, Gensets but could be anything.

Asset history

All Assets, such as Containers, that are gated into Intermodal Manager are stored permanently, even after they've been gated out again. This means we can maintain a historical timeline of a container, spanning all the visits it makes to your yard. We intelligently check the details each time it arrives and alerts you if there are mismatches.

Stack position

Our new Stack Positioner functionality helps keep track of where each container is within your yard.

Once assigned to a stack, containers can be moved around simply by dragging and dropping.

You can freely create stacks of any dimension and height within the system. They can be defined as precisely by position of each container, or just as a 'heap' where you just need to keep track of a particular type or owner of container.